THE QUEEN short film



Having a Mysterious Encounter in New York...

Out, out, brief candle!

Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more.

- William Shakespeare -

I, I will be King, And You, You will be QUEEN

- David Bowie - R.I.P. -

TVP services Video Art Productions

This short grew out of the final project for the short-term program in the Directors' class of NYFA (New York Film Academy, Manhattan, NYC), of August 2015. Three people from the Directors' class and two actresses from the Actors' class joined efforts, based on Hugo Teugels' script, who directed the movie.

" The Queen " a TVP Video Art Production

Directed by Hugo Teugels     

First Assistant Director : Sara El Batal


Jessica Roth : Lady in White (& Black)

Evi Stamatiou : Lady in Black

Produced by M. De Caluwe & H. Teugels (TVP services)

Executive Producer : Justin Waver

Edited by Hugo Teugels

Production Designer Justin Waver

Director of Photography Daria El Samad

Camera by

     Sara El Batal

     Hugo Teugels

     Daria El Samad

Written by H. Teugels

Co-writer Sara El Batal

Casting by H. Teugels

Script Supervisor Justin Waver

Art Direction H. Teugels

Visual & Special Effects : H. Teugels

Sound & Music Editing & Mixing : H. Teugels

Sound post effects / Re-recording engineering & Mixing : Justin Waver

Coordination : Hugo Teugels


Music by 909 Music :

1) 'Into The Dark'

2) 'Emergency'  

Music by M. De Man

- 'Orchestral Dark Discoveries'

End Song by DAAN

- 'Victory'

Sound Effects & Final Cut Pro Effects with FCP X

Coloring : Justin Waver

Styling & Costume Design : Jessica Roth & Evi Stamatiou

Transportation Coordinator : Hugo Teugels

Production Controller : Justin Waver

Payroll Accountant : H. Teugels

Illustrator : Justin Waver

Graphic Designer : Hugo Teugels

Title Design : Hugo Teugels

Digital Production Supervisor : Hugo Teugels

Created in Manhattan, New York City, U.S. and Heverlee, Belgium, Europe

Post Production Facilities : TVP services Heverlee, Belgium

Based on a project-idea of 5 NYFA-students (Sara, Daria, Jessica, Evi, Hugo)

(New York Film Academy, New York City, Directors' & Actors' Class - August 2015)

Special thanks to the teachers & students of the fantastic Directors' class of August 2015 (NYFA, the last courses @ Union Square NYC) :

Students :

Sara El Batal

Daria El Samad

Jhelum Gosalia

Lu Li

SanMati Sanyam

Suman Singh

Shifra Samuel

Samuel Adegbile

Hugo Teugels

Consultants :

Frank Van Weddingen

Yves Decembry

Valérie Delahaye

Inge Van Lierde

Translations :

Thierry Kumps

Filmed on Location in Manhattan, New York City :

- Public Library

- Subway

- Saint Patrick's Cathedral

- Neighbourhood of One World Observatory

- Chambers Street crossing

- Rockefeller Park NYC

Based on a character created and simulated by Hugo Teugels

Quotes from :

- William Shakespeare

- David Bowie

Filmed in Full HD (Canon & Sony)

History & information on website :


a TVP Services Productions presentation

in association with

TVP Video Art Productions

a TVP services Productions production

a Hugo Teugels film

all rights reserved

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The persons and events in this motion

picture are fictitious.

Any similarity to actual persons or events

is unintentional.

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